A Story of Chaos

A Story of Chaos! 


This is the tale of two Cheshire-based Mums, and their desire to create a scented candle brand, driven by an ethos of sustainability and the belief that everyone deserves a little luxury.

Two years ago, lifelong friends Penny & Lisa, had the idea that there could, and should, be an environmentally friendly approach to producing luxurious, affordable scented products. From that moment, these two working Mums have worked tirelessly to turn their idea into a reality – Perfect Chaos.

Society often dictates that luxury comes at a price, whether that’s the money in your pocket or the factories that fuel mass consumerism. Perfect Chaos is a brand aiming to shatter that model, by producing affordable, hand-poured luxury candles, made with natural essential oils and delivered with a sustainable sensibility.

Perfect Chaos products aren’t produced inside a factory, they don’t contain harmful chemicals and their packaging is all made from recycled materials. Even the candles themselves can be refilled and used again! Penny and Lisa both have young families and are conscious of the toxin emissions often attributed to scented products. Through investigating alternatives they unearthed a mutual love and skill for creating their own scent blends which has seen Perfect Chaos ride the upsurge in the scented candle market.

However, the dream is not nearly complete for these busy Mums… let the Chaos commence!