From Chaos to Calm!

A full year of chaos!!!

Welcome to our first Perfect Chaos blog. We have paused from pouring candles, mixing scents, being a mum, wife and employee to reflect on the past year to see how far we have come on our journey. There have been times where we have cried and times where we have howled with laughter but we wouldn’t change a thing! Well, maybe a few things!
We get asked a lot about how Perfect Chaos came about. Quite simply this is how it all began;

– Perfect Chaos

Perfect Chaos is the story of our lives! We lead hectic lives and life is often a juggling act,  balancing families, work, hobbies. We know this is something a lot of people can relate to! Despite the constant balancing act, we wouldn’t change a thing, well maybe a little. Everybody has their own perfect chaos! We have created a range of products that create calm amidst this chaos for all to enjoy.

E – Entrepreneur

As two full time professionals it hasn’t been easy to grow a business alongside long hours, children and other commitments, but the satisfaction you get from growing a business organically is immense. We are creating a business that gives us more time with our families.

R – Rewarding

We will never get bored of people telling us how much they love the products and branding. It is so rewarding to see our stock on shelves locally but also further afield around the country. It gives us a sense of pride to think that we started this brand and as long as we still get the satisfaction of making the products, we will continue to grow this brand to new heights.

F – Friends.

We met at antenatal classes 12 years ago and have been the best of friends ever since.  We talk over each other and finish each others sentences but work so well together that there hasn’t been a day where we have’t called or messaged to see whats happening in the world of Perfect Chaos. We share a love of fashion, holidays and wine. What more do we need!

E – Essential oils.

We only use 100% natural ingredients in all of our products. We are mindful of the toxic chemicals put into some candles and diffusers and wanted to create a brand that contains ‘no nasties’. Our customers can be sure that our products  are safe to use in their homes and around pets and children.

C – Children.

Spending quality time with our children is really important to us and owning your own business could be a way for this to happen more regularly. Obviously they get involved with the mixing and pouring of the candles, labeling and boxing. They are never to young to learn new skills and earn their pocket money!

T – Trust

We wanted to create a brand that you can trust with no hidden ingredients. Our customers and stockists return to us because they know what they are getting is natural and hand poured.

C – Candles.

The main reasons for starting a candle business is that we love candles! Our husbands were thrilled when they knew they would be saving money on not having to buy any more candles for our homes! Whats better than lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine and relaxing after a long day? Lighting your own hand-poured candle made with 100% essential oils, giving you the aromatherapy benefits that’s what!

H – Home.

All of our home fragrance products are hand poured at home in small batches. This allows us to be home still with our families which is so important to us. Saying that, our husbands have threatened to move us into a studio in the garden so they can have the kitchen surfaces back!

A – Aromatherapy.

As we only use essential oils in our product, the aromatherapy benefits can really support your physical and psychological well being. We also mix our own scents to enhance these properties but also can bespoke scents to meet individuals requirements for special occasions.

O – Organised

In order to juggle work, families and life in general we have had to be so organised. This is something we usually win at but there has been  occasions where chaos has struct hence again where the name comes from. Everything turns out perfect in the end.

S – Success

This can be defined as ‘accomplishing ones goals’. We set out to build a natural, luxury and affordable home fragrance company and we can safely say we have been successful in doing this. We are proud of how far the business has come in a year and look forward to the perfectly chaotic years ahead where we meet new stockist, customers and new challenges.
Finally, we would like to thanks our amazing families, customers and stockist and raise a glass to the new challenges our second year has to offer.