And Cherish – Cedarwood, Patchouli and Lemon


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Warm and woody this scent blend will take you to a place of eastern heat and spices. This rich combination of essential oils promotes an intense feeling of happiness and warmth whilst unwinding the mind.

ꕤ Hand poured luxury candles, made with natural essential oils and delivered with a sustainable sensibility.

ꕤ All our candles are gift boxed using kraft, recycled/ recyclable materials.

ꕤ Small enough to pack in a bag. Take it on your travels and enjoy your favourite scent wherever you go!

ꕤ Up to 12hrs burn time (80g)

Product Care

ꕤ To get the full Perfect Chaos scent experience, our candles like to burn for a minimum of 2hrs or until a full melt pool is achieved and a maximum of 4 hours to ensure the wax burns evenly.

ꕤ Wicks should be trimmed prior to each lighting to approx 1cm.

ꕤ The best way to extinguish our candles is using a candle snuffer. This will prolong the life and look of the candle as well as improving the overall burn performance.

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